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         Education & Professional:

Kharkov State University, Mechanics&Mathematics Department, Mathematical Branch, speciality "Mathematics and Computation".
Computer Center of Kharkov State Universitysystem programmer.

After graduating from KSU in 1964 he had been posted as a researcher-probationer at KSU Computer Center (1964-1965), and then had worked there as a head of group of computer scientists (1965-1969). During this period he was engaged in program automation research and in educational activity, obtained his first scientific results in creation and implementation of programming languages. 5 articles and monograph had been published and 15 reports at scientific conferences had been presented.

Institute of Low Temperature Physics&Engineering of NAS of Ukraine (ILTPE).
Header of System Programming Group.
Defence of kandidate thesis on problems of computer algebra. He had been given the degree of kandidate of physical and mathematical science.

 1965 - 1980

Teaching on computer science at Kharkov State University.

He began to work at ILTPE of NAS of Ukraine sinse 1969, occupying consequently posts of  presenter engineer, senior engineer, junior research officer and senior research officer.

He carried on scientific research in computer algebra systems area, developed SYRIUS language (co-authored with I.Axelrod) and realized system of the same name for Soviet mainfraims -20, -222. SYRIUS language and system provided the solving of problems by means of combined numerical and analytical methods based on the simple directive natural-like language; the system allowed also to plot grafics (for one of the first plotters and grafical display consructed in ILTPE with the help of KPI specialists). And all this had been happened in times when there were no any corresponding serial peripheral devices.

The most close system to SYRIUS in its ideology is the modern computer algebra system MAPLE, which had appeared far later. SYRIUS system had a great popularity not only among ILTPE collaborators, but had been deployed practically in every organization of former Soviet Union, which used mainfraim -222 (about several hundreds of computers).

In 1970 L.F.Belous had defenced the kandidate thesis on computer algebra, in fact based on resuls of development and inculcation of SYRIUS system.

During 15 years he had been working simultaneously as a computer science teacher at Kharkov State University, organized educational process for schooling of system programmers at KSU combined with their working on probation at ILTPE Computer Center.

In 1975 together with B.A.Kalashnik he had developed the time sharing system OSF-2 for mainframe -222, which had become widely practised in the USSR. The idea of it was to give ability for users to work in dialogue regime, because at that time -222 provided them a batch mode only, the single possible way of access to computer. The program debugging was very ineffective, and took away much user's time. Moreover, there were no corresponding languages and programming systems. (There was ALGOL-60 as a basic language and its batch compiler -1).

Operational system OSF-2 allowed to combine the batch processing with dialogue working in time sharing mode, just as nowadays user can work at personal computer. The last OSF-5 versioon of referred system operated up to 5 terminals Videoton-340. OSF, as a rule, was distributed in couple with SYRIUS system, providing convinient means of problems solving for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. For a long time ILTPE Computer Center maintained these systems within the framework of Inter-departmental Committee on Application of Electronic Digital Computers (KEVM in Russian abbreviation).

          2001 till present
Head of Telecommunication Sector of ILTPE.  

Together with I.V.Mikhailenko and A.V.Prikolotin  he is an author of heterogeneous computer networks of ILTPE, which had been created and operated successfully up to the age of PC and Ethernet. The high-speed gateway (ES-S) had been developed for data exchange between  S 1045 (S VM/SP) and SM-4, S-1420 (S RSX-11), it had allowed to create the whole institute heterogeneous computer networks, moreover for quite separated computers, both in datamedia  and in software aspects. This elaboration gave the possibility to combine progressively the capacities of available programming systems and computer resources to solve mathematical problems and automate physical experiment. ES-SM Gateway was successfully incalcated at several Kharkov enterprises also.

Since 1994 L.F.Belous took part successfully in the international project INTAS EmNet/NIS Phase I, Phase II, as a result of this participation ILTPE had got the powerful (for that time) computer SPARC-5, on which (in 1995) the institute site  had been opened. This computer is working up to now at institute LAN.

At present L.F.Belous is engaged in scientific research in telecommunication and data processing area. The field of his own research consists of WWW technologies, computer algebra, electronic publishing systems, telecommunications.




Russian, Ukrainian (native languages), English (professional), German (school level).

REFAL, PHP, C, Java, etc.

Professional interests:

WWW technologies, computer algebra, electronic publishing systems, telecommunications.          


Radio-electronics, sailing (yachting, serfing), aviation.