Александр Корлюков

Alexandr Korlyukov

Date of birth: 25 march 1953

Place of birth: STARITZA, TVER Region, RUSSIA

Marriage status: Married, son and daughter

email -

Full mailing address: Korlyukov Alexandr, Gornovykh Street, 3 - 10, GRODNO, 230011, BELARUS.

Home telephone in  Grodno - 375-152-78-33-62

I read English and German technical texts.

06.1979 - present -  the Grodno State University.

   06.1979 - 10.1984 - Senior programmer.

   10.1984 - present - professor.

01.1977 - 06.1979 - Senior programmer, computer center GPO Azot, Grodno.

09.1975 - 01.1977 - Senior programmer, Odessa branch of Institute of Economy, Academy of Sciences USSR.

In 1984 defended Ph.D. Paper in Maths in the Academy of Sciences, specialization mathematical logic, algebra and theory of numbers.

09.1978 - 10.1982. Completed major course-work toward Ph.D. in Department of Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

09.1970 - 06.1975. Master of Mathematics (M.S.), Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

In 1970 finished School of  Physics and Mathematics attested to Moscow State University. The participant and prize-winner of the International School Maths Olympiad in 1970 in Hungary.

Author of 60 publications in field of algebra, computer science and methods of teaching. List provided up on request.

The functional programming language Refal was constantly in the a center of my interests in the field of programming language.

1982 - 1991, participated in a number of research projects with Institute of Mechanics of AN USSR, Moscow. In the language Refal there was developed the system of the analytical calculations for mechanics and also the system of interval calculations of arbitrary accuracy.

In 1999 and 2000 engaged in use of the supercompiler from language Refal. The supercompiler makes the deep analysis of algorithm and builds if possibly more optimal algorithm. There are examples, when acceleration reached 1000 times

One of the examples of successful supercompilation is the interpretation of language of transformations XSLT, which was written in language Refal. As a by-product in language XSLT the interpreter of the Turing machine  was created which is an example of processing of the XML-documents.

Now I am busy with the use of the supercompiler of language Java. Some examples of supercompilation are placed on the address